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When Daniel Boyd first arrived in Carrickfin in the 1690s he could little have thought that 300 years later his descendents would have spread to the North of Canada, the South of New Zealand and many places in between.

The story that starts with two brothers leaving Scotland for a new life in West Donegal continues with the seven Boyd families in Carrickfin and hundreds of others around the world.

Here we have gathered together some of the stories of life in Carrickfin with the stories of those who left, the genealogy of Daniel’s descendents and images of the Boyd family from the past and present.

While there is much we do not know about the Boyd families in Carrickfin before the middle of the 18th centaury, we are continuing to add to the story as the descendents of those who emigrated trace their ancestry back to Carrickfin and new documentary records become available.

If you are a Carrickfin Boyd descendant or have any comments to make or information to add please get in touch and help us to add to the story of the Boyd family of Carrickfin.

The site of Daniel's first home at Carrickfin overlooking the Atlantic.
The site of Daniel's first home  overlooking the Atlantic at Carrickfin.