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One story about Daniel has entered local folklore and a number of different versions are told.


The stories tell how he was walking along the beach one morning with Donall Boyle from Ranafast. The two men came upon the wreck of a ship that had run aground on the White Strand or Trá Bán. The two men found a valuable ships bell* among the wreckage. The bell was taken to a ship anchored off Carrickfin and sold in London for a large sum of money.

The site of Daniel's second House.
In another version of this story a ship's clock* not a bell is found. 

In some versions of the story the clock or bell is sold to the merchants of Strabane where it was placed in the market place and  this is how Strabane (An Trá Bhán) got its name. 

*The confusion here arises from the similarities of the Irish words for clock and bell.