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The First Carrickfin Home


Daniel obtained the lease on a portion of land on the East side of Carrickfin Island and became a tenant of the Coynangham family. The Coynangham’s (Later to be granted the title Marquis) owned a large part of Donegal stretching from Mount Charles in the South to Carrickfin in the North. Daniel’s descendents in Carrickfin where to remain tenants of the Coyningham’s until early in the twentieth century.

Daniel built his first home in Carrickfin on a small headland overlooking the Atlantic on the Western side of the island. The small one roomed hut or ‘bothog’ he built was in a position exposed to the frequent Atlantic gales and thatched with bent or marram grass.   A few stones are all that remain today.

The site of Daniel's first home looking East.  Eirigeal Mountain is in the distance.